Açalya Itır Aydın

I was born in 1968 in Ankara.I’m married and I have three son, two of them continuing their university and high school education in US and the youngest one is in Istanbul.My favorite sports are skiing,swimming and sailing.I am a person who likes to explore different cultures and places which i find very interesting.I read a lot but anything about children psychology is my first choice.

I completed  middle school  in Canada at Henry Munro School and continued secondary school education  at Ankara College Foundation in Ankara and graduated in 1987. My bachelor’s degree is in Art & Sciences from Istanbul University in English Language  and Literature with a concentration in Education Psychology.  I hold certificate from University of California,Irvine in Independent Educational Consultant.I’m the founder of Itir Aydin Overseas Educational Consultancy Ltd.

I’m currently active member of organizations that holds members accountable to higher standards and ethical practices which requires that all members have at least three years of related admission or guidance experience, visit at least 40 college campuses, work with at least 30 clients, obtain a Master’s degree or special training in related field, and sign a yearly ethics contract.
Active memberships Associations in US and Europe are:

I'm attending annual conferences of the above associations to provide the current changes in related fields to my students and families.  I am providing guidance to students and families to find the right match at US boarding schools,Learning Disability specialized boarding schools, colleges and universities.    

Since I have personally visited many colleges  boarding schools, LD specialized boarding schools,colleges and universities across US , I am able to recommend the appropriate options for students to pursue their high school or college education in US.As a consultant, I place a strong emphasis on getting to know the student to ensure his success and happiness at a given college or boarding school besides it is important for me to take away the stress from the parents during this period. In August 1st, 2013 the new Common Application CA4 is launched and there are still new updates coming for 2015/16 application year,I can effectively guide you through this new application process to help obtain your individual goals.

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