12 Questions & 12 Warnings

When looking for finding good schools you can follow the easy path. Applying to university in the US and elsewhere can seem overwhelming. While it may seem easier to hire someone to do all the work, hiring a true professional will actually benefit you more. To find a qualified consultant, look for their passion and professional standards. Like hiring any professional, you want someone who brings passion to what they do, are knowledgeable about the various admission practices and have a long history in the profession .  IEC’s , HEC’s or NACAC’s are trained professionals with a wide variety of experience to helps families and their children take the stress out of the application process. 

So when you are looking to find the best solution, you want someone who is a professional and respected in the education industry for their commitment and passion to working with young adults. 

There are lots of companies who make all sorts of promises about what they do, what they can do and how they will provide their services.  
Universities are aware of the unethical behaviors for companies seeking to “game” the system. Please take a moment and read the below texts which gives important clues that all parents should be aware of.

To have a comprehensible and trustworthy application process get in contact with Itir Aydin Overseas Educational Consultancy Ltd.


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